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Are you looking for a conference speaker to lead your next event? Tasha has the right combination of credentials, humor, and faith. If you want the people at your gathering to have a “laugh out loud” experience while being challenged spiritually, then Tasha is your girl!​

Topics Tasha loves to chat about (topics with * are great for students as well):

  • Finding your self-worth in Jesus*

  • Becoming part of the solution for ending human trafficking*

  • Living well in the midst of chaos

  • Finding purpose*

  • Living thankfully*

  • Surviving mommy madness

  • Balancing the many hats women wear

  • Living out your dreams and Kingdom purpose*

  • Eternal beauty secrets*

  • Improving your marriage

  • Improving your sex life

  • Living a life that shines*

  • Fighting anxiety, depression, perfectionism, or approval addiction*

  • The dating game*

Thanks for stopping by Tasha's website! Make yourself at home, look around, and tell us what's on your mind. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know.

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