Stories of Hope for the Sleep-Deprived


Sleep deprived? Running on fumes? Stories of Hope for the Sleep Deprived was written for the woman on the go.

Tasha uses her quirky sense of humor and her out-of-the-box style to nurture your soul. Her words can make you roar with abandon, breathe in deeply, or even shed a tear. What is boldly evident from beginning to end is how she gently reminds you to live well and find rest in Jesus. If you're overwhelmed, tired, or needing a fresh touch from God, this book is for you.​

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The Simple Truth Bible

Tasha was a featured contributor in The Simple Truth Bible. This daily devotion features 366 daily experiences for students -- each one a tasty, bite-sized morsel that powerfully reveals what it means to deeply love and trust God, lead a Jesus-centered life, and lean n Scripture for guidance and wisdom. Tasha wrote 20 devotions for this project.​


You can purchase The Simple Truth Bible on Amazon.

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